parking & directions

The office is located at 47 Third Street, in East Cambridge, MA 02141. It is near the Galleria Mall and Lechmere Station. Click here for a map.

Metered parking is available on Cambridge Street and nearby side streets offer Cambridge resident parking. Alternate parking is also available a few blocks away in the Galleria Mall parking lot.

The office is a very short walk from Lechmere Station on the Green Line Trolley or by the 69, 80, 87, or 88 Buses. The office is less than 200 steps around the corner from the 69 Bus stop at Third Street & Cambridge Street and behind the Sweet Touch diner and the Court House Dry Cleaner.

entering & exiting the building

The building’s main entry door is locked to the outside. You will need to call your clinician to enter the building if the front door is locked on arrival. At times, other building occupants may prop open the entry door. Anyone entering the building for an appointment when the door is open is asked to wait in the second floor suite lobby and avoid knocking on or opening the therapy office door. There are two chairs in the lobby of the suite where people are able to wait briefly until their therapist is available.


The office is on the second floor of a building constructed in 1880. It is only accessible by walking up two flights of steps and then down a single step when entering the suite. If this is a barrier for you, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss alternate options such as teletherapy.

The office building is old and there are multiple businesses who use the space including a dry cleaner on the first floor and an acupuncturist in the office suite who uses natural oils aromatherapy with clients. The Hopwood Counseling & Consulting office has live plants in it to help with natural air cleansing and we do not use any scents inside the office. The window in the office does not open. The building has adequate air-conditioning and heating.

Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities