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Therapy in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

Therapy can help you with personal support, so you can create a life you love.

Ruben Hopwood, PhD and Melanie Cohn-Hopwood. LICSW are mental health therapists in Cambridge, MA. Through psychotherapy, we address issues of depression, anxiety, sexual identity, gender identity and gender affirmation, coming out, spirituality, men & masculinity, LGBTQ parenting, HIV/AIDS, alternate lifestyles (kink), life transitions, communication and relationships.

We all want to be heard.
Now all we have to do is listen.
— Katie Couric

Stop delaying searching for “therapists near me” and start feeling better. We are here and waiting to help you reach your goals. Through individual counseling (therapy), we provide support and guidance to people so they can understand their lives and their needs better to create and maintain balance and meaning in life.

Many people find that their relationships improve and that they feel more self-confident and able to manage the ups and downs of everyday stress with the support of therapy and the insights they gain. People report that they learn more effective ways to reduce anxiety, improve communication, and balance their moods so they feel more stable and are able to create more happiness in their lives and relationships. Read about our therapy approaches and specialties here.

Ruben is a licensed psychologist with a primary focus in helping men and masculine-identified people who struggle with identity, emotional distance, and social anxiety learn to understand, accept, and articulate their feelings and needs so they can create intimacy and a sense of calm in their lives. He is a gender specialist with over 13 years working with trans and non-binary communities in the Boston and Cambridge area. Additionally, he has specialized training in exploring and integrating clients’ spirituality, beliefs, and value systems into mental health treatment. He says, “I enjoy helping motivated people explore and change their roadblocks to create the lives they love.” Watch a 90-second video of Ruben talking about the work he does.

Melanie is a specialist in LGBTQ and HIV issues with over 16 years working in the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS affected communities in the Boston area. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker who helps people struggling with depression and anxiety, and exploring their identity as individuals, partners, and parents learn to accept themselves and manage stress so they can create balance and wholeness in their lives. She says, “I like to see people find their voices and experience happiness and freedom in their lives.”

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